Graduate Program in Integrative Medicine (International Program)

Conditions of the Newly Registered Students

1. New students must have specific qualifications as stated, those who do not possess a complete required degree or fail to meet one of specific qualifications of the university, will be denied to study in the program and the payment made through the application process will not be returned.
2. Successful candidates must register and pay any fee on designated time and they are not allowed to study more than one program at the same time unless they are approved by the university rector.
3. Newly-registered students who have been using any untrue documents on the process of application, examination, and registration will be denied to study and be prosecuted as criminality.
Admission Schedule
Available Programs
   Master of Science Program
 Doctor of Philosophy Program
Studentís Qualifications
   Master of Science Program
 Doctor of Philosophy Program
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 Conditions of the Newly
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