Graduate Program in Dermatology (International Program)

Curriculum and Course Information

Program name: Master of Science Program in Dermatology (International Program)
Degree: M.Sc. (Dermatology)
 1. Available program for admission: Master of Science Program in Dermatology
Education Plans
   Master of Science Program in Dermatology is a bilingual program, all classes are conducted in English. Throughout the study, the classes are in working hours and the program is divided into 2 study plans.
    Plan A (2) : Course work with thesis
    Plan B : Course work with independent study
Study Areas
    Clinical Dermatology
    Cosmetic Dermatology
Number of Acceptance
    Clinical Dermatology Plan A (2) : 10 Students
    Cosmetic Dermatology Plan A (2) : 5 Students
    Cosmetic Dermatology Plan B : 10 Students
Prospective Students
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Current Students
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