Master of Science Program in Dermatology (International Program)

Examination Regulations

Examinee sitting for the examination must strictly comply with the clauses in the addendum to this notification, although they will be disqualified and admission committee will not consider the answer sheet.
Examinees must present the official National Identification card or Passport with photograph and clearly readable 13-digit identification number only; the identification card or Passport must be valid and unexpired.
Do not bring any paper, electronic devices such as calculator, smart watch or any stationary with calculation formula into the examination room. Only pencil, pen, eraser and plain ruler are allowed.
Examinees are not allowed to enter the examination room after the examination started 15 minutes.
Examinees must not open the exam question paper until told to do so by the invigilator.
Any request during the exam please raise your hand to the invigilator.
Please keep quiet when being in the exam room and nearby place.
If there is any corruption or cheat, the admission committee will notify on the answer paper and exam score will not be considered.
The invigilator will notify before the examination finishes 5 minutes.
Please raise your hand when you consider submitting the answer paper. You are not allowed to submit the answer sheet by yourself.
Examinees must follow the instruction of each subject such as writing a seat number, name and surname, subject, exam location, by pen.
Do not separate answer paper (please see the instruction) and write your answer by blue pen or black pen only.
Examinees must wear appropriate clothing, such as student uniform or formal dress. Remember sleeveless cloth, sandal or jeans are not allowed.
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