Social Gerontology

Supplement Materials :

Master of Science Program in Social Gerontology

Copy of Citizen ID card
Copy of diploma or academic certificate of Bachelorís or Masterís degree (for those who already completed their education) or academic report that indicates the current studying period of the students with GPA report (for those who are still studying).
Complete Transcript (for those who already completed their education).
Test results from TOEFL, TU-GET and IELTS and the test results must not be over 2 years counted from the test date.
 In case of foreign students, English shall be used as the main language for communication. If students completed their education from English-based courses within 2 years counted from the date they graduated until the date they applied for the program, English test score requirements shall be exempt.
Other Documents
 In case students lack the aforementioned requirements, they can claim request by filling the GR-002 form of General Request for Chulabhorn International College of Medicine and its committee to consider.
Social Gerontology
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