Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Applicant must not be over 30 years of age (counted until the opening of new semester 1/2017) and not of Chinese nationality.
Applicant must hold a high school diploma or equivalent in Science and Mathematics from either domestic or overseas schools, or studying the last semester and expected to complete their studies in 2017. *Notice: in any case that the candidates passed the entrance exam, and have confirmed their enrollment but still have not completed their high school education before registration date, all process will be null.
Applicant should possess appropriate demeanor, good mind and physical health condition, have no severe infectious disease or any abnormality which can be an obstacle for the study (no severe color blindness).
Applicant should have high intention to study with their full abilities and they must strictly follow the rules and regulations of the university.
Applicant must not be guilty in the university admissions examination cheat in the past three years.
Applicant must have one of the following English Proficiency Tests.
TOEFL Paper-based TOEFL Computer-based TOEFL Internet - based TU-GET IELTS
500 173 61 500 6.0
Applicant whose English proficiency test does not meet the criteria stated above but has GPA in high school English language courses at least 3.00 will be taken into consideration under some conditions with the criteria below. However, they need to pass the standard scores mentioned in item no. 6 before graduation.
TOEFL Paper-based TOEFL Computer-based TOEFL Internet - based TU-GET IELTS
400 97 32 400 4.5

These English language proficiency scores must not be over 2 years counted from the date the applicant took the test until the date of application.

***Applicant who is from English-speaking country is not required to present English Proficiency Test result.
Applicants who are investigated cheating for any untrue information, they must be deprived to study in this program although they can pass all
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