Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chulabhorn International College of Medicine (CICM) offers the Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a six-year international program in traditional Chinese Medicine. English and Chinese languages are used during study. Student will study at Thammasat University for three years and at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for other three years. Two degree certificates from both universities are offered.
Institute: Thammasat University
Campus/Faculty: Rangsit/Chulabhorn International College of Medicine
Name of the Program: Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Programme (International Programme)
Degree Offer: Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (B.CM.)
Degree Received upon graduation: Two Degree Certificates from Thammasasat University, Thailand and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China
Collected Credits: 250 credits
Duration of Study: 6-year program
Program Characteristic: Occupational Bachelorís Degree
Language Use: English and Chinese languages are used in this program. English Language is used in the first and the third year when general subjects and medical sciences courses are required. Chinese Language is used in the second and the fourth to the sixth year when specific Chinese medicine courses and medical practices are required.
Collaboration with Outside Organizations
1. Joint curriculum with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China
2. Huachiew Chinese Medicine Clinic
3. Chonburi Hospital, Ministry of Health
Qualifications of the Applicants
1. Applicants should complete a high-school level of grade 12 or equivalent in Science-Math Program from the either domestic or international school which is approved by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. Qualifications of candidates must be in accordance with Thammasat University Regulations concerning Undergraduate Study, 2540 B.E. (edited version), Clause 7.
2. Applicants must hold a result of English Language proficiency Test which meets the criteria of the college.
Consideration Procedures
1. Written and Interview Examinations
2. English Language Test Result
Number of Acceptance: 40 students per year
Expected Careers
1. Chinese medicine physician in both public and private hospital and clinic
2. Lecturer or instructor in the University
3. Chinese Medicine-related business or clinic owner
4. Public Health Academician
5. Researcher or scientist
Prospective Students
   Application Process
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Financial Matters
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