Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Application Process

1. Online application and the programs selection are available at from now until 11 June 2017. The application system will be closed on 11 June 2017 at 24.00 hr. Teller Payment can be approached at every branch of Siam Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (SCB) from now until 12 June 2017 at 24.00 hr. Payment can be done during the Bank office hours.
2. Application Procedures
2.1 Details in this announcement should be thoroughly printed/read and understand well for your own benefits.
2.2 Applicants can register and save registration data through online application service at according to stated deadline (please register by yourself and re-check that all information are correct for your own benefits).
2.3 Applicants should print out their online registration form and re-check information before paying the fee at a bank. If applicants found that information is incorrect, they should re-enter the correct information. The university will rely on information filled in the internet system as the main data.
2.4 Applicants must take the payment bill printed from the online application system and go to pay the application fee (bank fee will be added) at the Siam Commercial Bank. If any applicants do not pay for application fee through Teller Payment at the bank on time, registered information on the online application system will be voided.
2.5 After the bank receive the payment, the bank teller will return a bill payment to the applicants as an evidence. At this stage, application fee will not be returned. (Please check information regarding application and bill payment. If mistakes were found, please contact the bank immediately for your own benefits).
2.6 Applicants should be able to check their names and payment status via online registration system after 3 days (not including the date of payment, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays) at by selecting “Undergraduate”, then “Admission”, then “Check Status”, and then input username and password.
2.7 If applicants would like to cancel the selected program and select a new firstly-desired program, they can do so via online registration system only by doing the following steps:
2.7.1 Cancel the selected program
2.7.2 Select a new program by following all steps all over again.
2.7.3 Cancel the previous program or register of new program within the last date of the registration period.
2.8 The already paid application form that was already cancelled on the online registration system will not affect the registration process in anyway due to the face that particular registration form was already cancelled. Such registration form and its information will not be used for consideration in application process. Therefore, applicants must recheck and confirm that their registration form and its information are correct before payment. Please check again that the registration form is the valid one that you do not cancel through online system.
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